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About us / History


"AZEL-İŞ LTD" company was established in 2000 and it is the first company offering accounting services in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The company began to its activity with 7 employees, afterwards, steady growth in the number of customers contributed to the company to take its own place in the market. The number of company's employees reached to 25. In its initial operation it rendered mostly accounting and private tax services. The demand to services on customs, human resources, accounting services in the field of migration enlarged the scope of company and strengthened its human resources.


In the first years of its activity “AZEL-İŞ LTD” rendered services to “Turan Hazinedaroglu ve Oztash Construction” – the company carried out construction works in accordance with world standards in the part of “Alat-Gazı Mammad” of “Silk way” in the Republic of Azerbaijan. In that period the company also rendered accounting services to different organizations of “Azerenerji” OJSC. At the same time it rendered services to the enterprises “Bayva South Energy” LTD and “Bayva West Energy” LTD.  

AZEL İŞ LTD” company always stayed true to its principles. The key principles of the company were "Proficiency", "Honesty", "Privacy" and “Responsibility". Always being faithful to its principles “AZEL İŞ LTD” company actually collaborates with companies in charge of larger projects.  

For a short period successful policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan has led to great achievements and progress in all areas. At the result of rapid development of economy and implementation of major infrastructure projects have allowed us to provide services in new areas. Currently, “AZEL İŞ LTD” company successfully continues its activity. Year after year company increases its practice and participates in larger projects. Along with this, quality of activities in all sectors of the developing country is carried out in accordance with international standards.

By the purpose of building more professional activities “AZEL İŞ LTD” company regularly participates in trainings and international courses on International Standards in the field of Accounting and National Accounting Standards (NAS).  All experts of the company have higher education on their profession and certificates on courses and trainings carried out on international accounting. Our main goal is to participate in major projects carried out in our country. In this regard, our most important goal is to protect the reputation of the company in the financial market. 



Dear businessmen!

You may be away from the concerns of accounting, responsibilities of tax payments! "AZEL-İŞ" LLC provides you with these services.

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