• Our services

    1. Creation and implementation of the entity's internal control system, operational and management accounting, making document management system, organization of accounting activity;

    2. Accounting, composition and presentation of tax and financial reports;

    3. Advices on accounting and taxes;

    4. Accounting-legal expertise of projects and agreements;

    5. Restoration of accounting;

    6. Changing accounting from any system into "1C" system;

    7. The preparation of accounting policies in accordance with the objects of accounting and tax accounting;




Accounting services:

1. Creation and implementation of the company's internal control system, operational and management accounting, making document management system's scheme, organization of accounting activity;
- Determination of the accounting issues (system), which are needed by the company;
- Preparation of optimal system of data processing;
- Choosing the necessary software;
- Determination of work amount on each accounting area;
- Processing of the original document forms and appointment of their storage;
- Determination of the number and qualifications of accounting employees;
- Determination of the rights, jobs, responsibilities of the employees;
- Proccessing of internal accounting standards including every workplace;  
- Processing and application of operational and management accounting systems

2. Preparation and submission of accounting, tax and financial reports:
- Fully or partial implementation of enterprise's accounting function;
- The implementation of accounting according to the original documents;
- Submission of reports to State Social Fund, to the state agencies of taxes, statistics and others;
- Relationship with supervisory authorities related to the questions on submitted documents;

3. Consulting on taxes and accounting:
- Consulting related to accounting and taxation issues of enterprise (business) (abonnement);
- Disposable tips on accounting and taxation issues of enterprise;
- Feasibility study of the project;
- Tax planning calculations;
- Preparation of financial plans;
- Enterprise (business) issues related to accounting and taxation consulting;
- Enterprise (business), disposable tips;
- Explanations on the application of tax law provisions and on specific economical operations;
- Consulting on the application of new regulations in accounting and taxation;
- Analysis of the company's financial and economic activities.

4. Accounting-legal expertise of the projects and agreements:
- Evaluation of the financial and tax consequences of new and non-standard transactions for clients;
- Consulting on the presentation and documentation of joint ventures, leasing, subsidiary, and other structural units in financial and tax accountings;

5. Restoration of accounting:
- Complete restoration of the enterprise accounting, preparation and submission of revised tax returns to the related government agencies;
- Partial restoration of accounting by different areas;

6. Converting accounting into "1C" system from any system:
- Setting up accounting and tax accounting on the 8.2 version of "1C Accounting" program;
- Restructuring of the company's accounting technologies on the basis of "1CAccounting";

7. Preparation of accounting policies of company in accordance with the purposes of accounting and tax accounting:
- Determination of the accounting data processing technology;
- Selecting a method for tax accounting; 
- Choosing the most effective variant for the enterprise among the variants allowed by legislation;
- Determination of calculation timing for VAT purposes from sales revenues;
- Calculation methods and ways of the main allocations and intangible assets collapse;
- Calculation and accounting methods and ways of inventory reserves;
- Creation of reserve for repairing of the main equipments, paying annual vacations, debts and other cases
- Organizing a separate accounting in mandatory cases as required by law;
- Approval of the calculation method of incomplete production;
- Preparation and approval of original internal accounting documents (in cases when forms don't fit the enterprise requirements);
- Preparation and approval of document workflow schedule;
- Preparation and approval of tax accounting registers;


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